What is Ridili?

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Ridili children's books are available as apps at the iTunes Store. Purchase using the App Store button.

New: Villa Cecilia

Villa CäciliaMultimedia story about music. More....

Press Release Villa Cecilia

Press Release see here.

The Cherry Tree

icon-KB-klA poetic story with lots of cherries. More...

Plums Rhyme

An illustrated, interactive finger rhyme,
app for free.

Elliot and Rocco

Interactive talking kids story in 22 scenes.

The Noodle Princess

Interactive talking kids story in 22 scenes.

Paul's Bread

Interactive talking kids story in 22 scenes.


Interactive talking kids story in 23 scenes. More ...


Elephant's Backlight

Elefant kleinCircus, animals, flea market and sensations! More ...


New Ridi 8: Villa Cecilia - House of Music

Villa CäciliaAn interactive journey into the world of music. Radio Symphony Orchestra Berlin, State and Cathedral Choir Berlin and Deutschlandradio Kultur excite children for classical music with a state-of-the-art app. More...

Ridili publishes Ridis.

Ridis are illustrated talking books for children. They are interactive and come in the form of apps. Apps, or applications, are small programs which are applicable for Apple products such as the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Ten reasons why children need Ridis – and need them pretty often:

  1. Ridis are innovative picture books that children can watch, listen to and interact with.
  2. Ridis are books with genuinely beautiful pictures and original stories.
  3. Ridis can make sounds and allow you to move figures and objects on every page.
  4. Ridis read children stories to kids whenever and as often as they like.
  5. Ridis read stories when Mom and Dad are too busy — or when Grandma or Grandpa can't find their glasses.
  6. Ridis don't necessarily have to read out loud, they can also let the child read independently.
  7. Ridis allow your child to tune into new languages and to learn them.
  8. Ridis can help a child to bridge waiting times: At the doctor's office, in the train, plane, car or restaurant. Ridis are also practical for sitting out bad weather.
  9. Ridis fit nicely in Mom's purse or Dad's pant pocket, as many as you like.
  10. Ridis can bei acquired without having to go to a bookstore or worrying about store opening hours.