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NEW: Villa Cecilia

Villa CäciliaMultimedia story about music. More....

The Cherry Tree

icon-KB-klA poetic story with lots of cherries. More...

Elephant's Backlight

Elefant kleinCircus, animals, flea market and sensations! More ...


Interactive talking kids story in 23 scenes. More ...


fun2tap.com: Villa Cecilia - an app that takes learning to a whole new level

"Some developers do go way out of the beaten track to provide innovative children apps that are more than just about stories or games. Villa Cecilia is one app that takes learning to a whole new level." More


"Villa Cecilia is a perfect educational kids app with fun and very interesting facts on music.
There are 115 possible interactions included in this wonderful childrens app. Among other things, there are also 9 play elements on rhythm, varying tone pitch, voice types, tempo and musical notation. The kids can experiment and try out fun activities with some interesting games in this app. Knowledge is not just being taught with this app. Nicely illustrated pictures help children experience music in a playful way. There are 15 multi-media scenes (illustrations, sounds, photographs, film sequences, games) included in this app. The video scenes are well worth seeing and have been professionally filmed.
The children can alter the volume of the microphones, so that a specific instrument can be heard clearer and stand out more to the others. They can even become a conductor..." more.

iPad App Reviews

About "The Cherry Tree" in iPad App Reviews (Jan 2012):

"... This is the seventh and most recent ridi, an app produced by the multi-national team Ridili GmbH which aims to publish interactive books with beautiful pictures and original stories. All ridis are produced in 4 languages. Narration can be turned off for individual reading. The aims are fully met in this story, which is accompanied by the haunting sound of the Chinese flute.

Interactivity on each page allows the reader to help Miyu care for her tree, watering it, digging up weeds, picking cherries, sitting in the tree house which she builds and finding out what has made her beloved tree sick.

This is not just a touching story app. It also helps children to learn about seasons, the life cycle of a tree and the joy of growing things and caring for nature. Miyu’s relationship with her cherry tree is lifelong as she and her restored tree grow old together..." more

Technology in Education

"Shoosh HD – Very nice Book app with just right dose of interactivity
When once we download we are impressed by the simplicity of the design and great illustrations and professional narration. Story is also a practical story that we can relate ..." Learn more


For all who understand Russian read this great article Писк – интерактивная книга на iPad.

Fun educational apps

"Shoosh HD is a fun and imaginative storybook apps for iPad ... developed by Ridili a leader in interactive storybooks apps. Ridili offers engaging stories where kids can watch, listen and interact with." Learn more


Our app Pauls Bread is promoted on scallywag-online with our little tutorial. See find out more on the blog.


"Germany-based Ridili just released four new apps for the under five set. These include: Plums Rhyme, Noodle Princess, Pauls Bread, and Elliot and Rocco. Each is an illustrated talking book that allows youngsters to hear, see and interact with the story. Best of all, each book is presented in four different languages: English, German, Spanish and Russian. So, as your child is listening to a story, they can learn words and phrases in a different language as well.... " www.appadvices.com

iPads House

"This lovingly illustrated children’s story is furnished with abundant animation", said the iPadsHouse about the "Noodle Princess". Going on: "All of the stories are finely illustrated and are fun to play." www.ipadshouse.com

Fun Educational Apps

"The Noodle Princess is a fun and entertaining tales that helps kids learn about nourishment in a playful manner. See what happen if you eat too much? It is lovingly illustrated interactive picture book apps ..." www.funeducationalapps.com

Tom Higgins Blog

Entertainment For The Kids
"Anyone who has ever rode in a car with children during a long trip knows how important it is to keep them entertained. That being said, your mobile device may be the one thing that keeps you sane during a road trip with children passengers...
Another term to search for interactive books is RidiLi. You will be able to find several interactive children’s titles for your children. It’s a win-win situation for you. You get quiet in the car, and your child is able to read along with your mobile device. All the while, unaware that he or she is learning at the same time." more


In einem ausführlichen Artikel auf AppDates.com (eine der wenigen echten App-Testseiten) schreibt Tobias Prohl über Ridili-Apps: "Die interaktiven Kinderbücher von Ridili sind so betrachtet schon etwas Außergewöhnliches – vor allem aber etwas außergewöhnlich Sehenswertes. Sie sind hervorragend aufbereitet und funktionieren wunderbar auf dem iPhone, dem iPod Touch und dem iPad...."


Padmania wird gleich nach dem Erscheinen der ersten Ridis aufmerksam und präsentiert die interaktiven Kindergeschichten von Ridili beachtenswerte Neuerscheinung.