Who is Ridili?

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NEW: Villa Cecilia

Villa CäciliaMultimedia story about music. More....

The Cherry Tree

icon-KB-klA poetic story with lots of cherries. More...

Elephant's Backlight

Elefant kleinCircus, animals, flea market and sensations! More ...


Interactive talking kids story in 23 scenes. More ...

Test Ridili

An illustrated, interactive finger rhyme,
app for free.

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Ridili GmbH develops, designs and produces innovative books in the form of apps (applications). Our apps for children are called Ridis; they are illustrated, interactive and speak four different languages.

A dedicated team from Germany, the United States, Australia, France, Russia, the Ukraine, Mongolia, Spain and Argentina comes up with these little creations.

Beyond this, Ridili GmbH also realizes apps for publishing companies and eBooks for Apple’s iTunes Store.


Ridili GmbH

Keltererweg 2

13595 Berlin
Tel: + 49 (0)30 - 3012 4471