How to get Apps for Kids?

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Ridili children's books are available as apps at the iTunes Store. Purchase using the App Store button.

NEW: Villa Cecilia

Villa CäciliaMultimedia story about music. More....

The Cherry Tree

icon-KB-klA poetic story with lots of cherries. More...

Elephant's Backlight

Elefant kleinCircus, animals, flea market and sensations! More ...


Interactive talking kids story in 23 scenes. More ...

Test Ridili

An illustrated, interactive finger rhyme,
app for free.

Character Reference


You can get Ridis at the iTunes Store...

Ridis are small applications (apps), or mini-programs, that can be loaded into an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. They are much less expensive than books while offering much more.

You can select, purchase and download apps at the Apple's iTunes Store. The iTunes Store is located in the iTunes program that is preinstalled on every Apple player (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad). Apart from that, iTunes can also be installed on a computer (PC or Mac) with which the player (iPhone, iPod touch or iPad) is regularly synchronized.

...through your iTunes account, credit card or per iTunes card

If you already have an iTunes account, simply select the animated picture books that interest you.By clicking on the App Store button you will be transferred to the iTunes Store where you can purchase the children's stories from Ridili.

If you do not yet have an iTunes account, you will first need to go through the one-time sign up process to be eligible to purchase one of the countless supplementary applications available for iPhone, iPod or iPad. To set up an iTunes account with a cash payment function, you can use a credit card. Should you have reservations about credit card payment on the Internet, you can also use iTunes cards (gift cards). These vouchers are available online or in most supermarkets and computer stores.

Directions on how to set up an iTunes account or pay with iTunes card are available at YouTube.