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Press Release Villa Cecilia

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NEW Ridi 8: Villa Cecilia

Villa CäciliaNew Release!
An interactive journey into the world of music. Alexander, Mia and their mother are planning what to do over the weekend. “Today open house at Villa Cecilia!”, dad is announcing. What a great idea for the afternoon ... More...

Ridi 7: The Cherry Tree

The young girl named Miyu was given a cherry tree for her birthday. The tree flourished and Miyu loved it. But than, out of a sudden, the tree became ill. What's to do? More...

Ridi 6: Elefant's Backlight

Elefant groß
What do circus animals do as the tents are taken down before moving to another town?
Of course, they organize a flea market! But ... More...

Ridi 5: Shoosh

New Release!
Just about everything causes noise. How can one be expected to keep quiet? Grown ups are simply too noise-sensitive if you ask Anton. More...

Ridi 4: Paul's Bread

Having to get up just when you’re in the midst of of a nice dream? Yes, it's possible. Little Paul finds out that he can escape from the daily routine and experience completely crazy adventu... More...

Ridi 3: The Noodle Princess

The Noddle Princess is an original fairy tale about a noodle eating contest. Whoever can eat the most noodles wins the crown of Macaronia. By the way, your children will learn about nourishm... More...

Ridi 2: Elliot and Rocco

The little dachshund Elliot and the giant schnauzer Rocco fight over a bone. Thank goodness the stronger one doesn't always come out on top.
This imaginative, funny and interactive ... More...

Ridi 1: Plums Rhyme

The Plum Rhyme is a well-known counting rhyme that is presented here in a new form with amusing interactive elements. This quaintly illustrated children's story is available in four languages ... More...