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Press Release Villa Cecilia

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NEW Ridi 8: Villa Cecilia

Villa Cäcilia
An interactive journey into the world of music. Alexander, Mia and their mother are planning what to do over the weekend. “Today open house at Villa Cecilia!”, dad is announcing. What a great idea for the afternoon ...

The app “Villa Cecilia” makes use of mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) as versatile, high-performance media for contemporary learning by featuring a children’s non-fiction book, CD, DVD and interactive games all-in-one. This mobile app focuses on sounds, instruments and song. For the first time children from the age of 5/6 are playfully introduced to the world of music by means of illustrations, stories, sounds, photographs and film sequences. “Villa Cecilia” brings children and parents into contact with classical music in an innovative, entertaining way.

This app allows users to determine the story‘s progress and thus also the amount of time spent on it. The Villa’s separate rooms can be selected individually. Each door reveals musicians with different instruments that will be demonstrated. Following some explanations, users are free to look around the room. Musical elements can be chosen interactively and games on tone pitch, rhythm, voice types and musical notation can be tried out. The app‘s crowning feature is a final concert with short music films.


  • Over 60 minutes of narrated music history
  • Extensive information on string, wind and keyboard instruments, percussion and choirs
  • Approximately 90 minutes of music in broadcast quality
  • 15 multi-media scenes (illustrations, sounds, photographs, film sequences, games)
  • Circa 115 interaction possibilities
  • Among other things, 9 play elements on rhythm, varying tone pitch, voice types, tempo and musical notation
  • 12 HD film sequences that were realized especially for the app
  • App is available in 3 languages (English, German, Russian)
  • Award-winning audio book narrators
  • Created with the unique collaboration of over 250 musicians and artists

In cooperation with:
Radio Symphony Orchestra Berlin,
State and Cathedral Choir Berlin
Deutschlandradio Kultur